I'M ALWAYS AMAZED AT HOW WONDROUS PEOPLE ARE AT NATURE.  Half of me is in disbelief that anybody could make such a big deal about seeing a deer or bobcat, etc... and the other half is smug thinking I see that all the time.

But, such is the world we live in.  People sucked so far into their cocoons they freak out at seeing nature.  They've lost their nature.

We on the other hand, are much closer to our wild side.

We are wild.



The thing about animals is they only attack in two instances:  when threatened, and when the kill is certain.  They can't afford the luxury of taking physical risks.  In the wild, there's no back up.

Which just might be good racing advice.  Attack when threatened, or when the kill is certain.

Speaking good advice, now would be a good time to check out the PEDALposse... here's why:  it's been purposely mysterious because we didn't want to many people to join before we had it figured out.

We've got a little more clarity on this wild offer.


166.6 lbs 
Coach Loran #3 + pull-ups
7.5 hours sleep


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