It’s Still Possible

It’s still possible to get better, faster in bike-speak.  You can improve, but you’re going to have to change.  You might have improved in the past simply by going on vacation.  You can get a PR next week, next ride.

Take today:

Young Kevin is hitting the wall hard, chasing down Jorge.  Then, a new young buck gallops up to him.  A huge gap is opening.  We steadily ramp up the pace.  I’m slobbering all over my top tube… just, barely, making it over the top.

The rotations are fast.  There’s a reason the skinny kids left us behind: we are old, and heavy… and gravity is going to steamroll us over their young fantasy.

This happens almost every week, but I’m here and I am different.  I am fresh off 4 days of altitude and 150 miles of tempo.  Compare that to my usual Saturday leg breaking ride and you’ll see Toddy B. Fresh.

Boom, I PR the 5 miles from Cook’s Corner to the finish (231 Strava recordings)… simply because I’m more rested and still have the legs to skewer one of the kids and half the group.

Not braggin’, just sayin’ … you can do better if you’re willing to change your approach.