It’s never boring.

14 years later and The TMWC is as fresh as ever.  Today “Young Kevin” knifed his way to his first V, by perfectly executing his simple plan.

While I whipped up the pace on Antonio, he sat in.

While Peter blasted up the A climb, he conserved.

While Sean got us moving up the bike path, he surfed up through the shelled riders.

While Mike shot us to the wall, he slipped by me like a silent assassin.

While Chris launched vicious attacks along the valley bottom, he watched.

While it blew to pieces up the corkscrew, he left the best behind.

Nice job kid.

It’s anybody’s guess who will be the unOFFICIAL Tuesday Morning World Champ on 7/11/17… but I’m putting my money on one of the regulars this year… so much talent is showing up these days.

Check out Pete’s most excellent video

never old