It’s About Service

Exciting things are happening in bike shops around town.  SERVICE DEPARTMENTS.  Departments are being redesigned.  Work flow is being changed to allow for 24 hour turnaround – instant if it’s just a flat.  “And that’s pretty cool” (shout out to my daughter and our days watching Hanna Montana).

It’s pretty cool because that’s where shops can beat the pants off the interwebs.  The net aint gonna fix your rig, but the net can give shops great scheduling tools and intel to get you and your lovely steed back out riding.

There’s more to it.  This is a signal.  Your local shop is committed to your happiness more than ever.  It’s a signal.  The local shops as a whole are in it to win it.

I’m seeing all these signals as I get out and talk about HUNKR.  There’s an excitement in the air, new energy in many of service departments.

If you haven’t seen it, get out there.

And if you really want to play the game right, slide the mechanic a 5r when nobody’s looking… or bring in a sizzling pizza at lunch time… trust me on this, the very best service you’ve ever had is a fist full of quarters away at your local shop.  Show ’em some love.


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