IT’S A TOTAL GEEK FEST at the moment.  Sometimes you know there will finally be a break in the action to get _____ done.  That happened today.  Finally had time to plan out next Saturday’s logistics.

The house is vacant.

The phone is off.

I’m consumed with all the information LoToJa puts out to help us prepare for 204 miles of silliness.  It’s a great packet.

They’re pros.

Great maps.  Great advice.  Great tips for the highly-recommended personal support crews.  And I’m banking on their great neutral support – water – too.

Spreadsheets are helpful for me to visualize what needs to happen for a successful day.

Warning:  you have to be a special kind of weirdo to love this.

I’ll take white electrical tape and Sharpie in the stops and miles (top 2 lines), then apply it to my top tube.  When the Cuckoo clock chimes, and it will chime for nearly all of us, this will keep me sane enough to finish.

As of now, the weather looks outstanding.  Good temps, favorable winds.  So, I’m plugging in the fastest time estimates for me and the crew.

It’s important to give the crew a good idea of when I’ll be rolling in.  Beating the crew to a feed would be a bummer for all of us.  My crew has sacrificed a beautiful Saturday for me to go ride my bike.

I’ll get up early the day of and have my usual sardines and beans for breakfast.  Mmmmm.

Each feed zone has 110% of what I think I’ll need.  Better to roll out with extra fuel than run out of calories.

Gone in 60 seconds is the goal for the 3 stops.  That seems better than fumbling around with a feedbag.  I hope I’m right, and I don’t get jumped by the rest of the guys at the stops.

Will we stop and pee?  I don’t know.  But, I do know this:  don’t crack the seal, unless you want to be peeing all day.

I’m still debating on one of my Speed kits, or the Dominator.

Also up in the air, my vented helmet or my aero helmet.


… not necessarily, especially in a pace line with a tail wind …

… but, that’s all part of getting geeked up for a big ride or a race …

… and a last second #2 at 6:16am, 9/16/17 …

(how’s this for detail?!)

Still with me?… well maybe you can recommend a place for steak fajitas the Friday night?