IT'S RAINING EVERYDAY, but it's not raining all day.  And the part that is raining, has hardly been worth calling rain.  In fact, the app calls it 25% chance of rain.  And this week, that's meant the streets are wet but the top tube isn't.  Which isn't really riding in the rain.

Riding in the rain is when the glasses are bubbled, the gloves are soggy and the socks are swimming.

I'm good with the bubbled glasses.

And I don't really mind soggy gloves.

But once the socks ares swimming, I'm done.  It must be some primordial warning... 

... yer feed er wet, yer gonna die!...

... because I can pretty much ride in all kinds of treachery:  freezing temps, hail, snow, the dead of night, 110 degree heat, ferocious winds... but I know my miles are numbered the moment I feel the tops of the socks start to drown.

It's only a matter of splashing and drenching until it works it's way inside my very expensive shoes and the warning bells start to sound and the legs start to congeal.

Then the very sad trumpets sound, and the little diesel that could calls it quits.

But, not this week.  

This week the rain drops fell on my matte black KASK helmet... and I loved it.


Normally, I'd insert a promo code here.  But, there's no discount on these unless you're part of the PEDALposse.


165 lbs 
Coach Loran killed me - film on the 11th
6.5 hours sleep

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