FINISH LINES AND HILLTOPS, they're a lot further than you think.  You can't see the top of a climb from the bottom.  You can't judge the speed of your competition closing from behind in a sprint.

But, racers ease up at the apex of climbs and final meters of sprints all the time...

... and thus we see...

... them fail, when just a few more seconds of gawdawful pain woulda kept 'em attached to the group or on top of the podium.

I know, I know... ya feel like you're getting one over on the competition when you can get over the top and catch 'em on the way down... or thump your chest and coast across the finish line... 

... we all know, which is exactly why we sprint hard over the top of the climbs and beyond the finish line...

... we're banking on you trying to get one over...

... sometimes it's the only way we can win.

So, we do a few more push ups at night,
eat a few bites less of ice cream,
stay late at work,
read to our children,
help the elderly cross the street...

... some of us need every advantage we can get to make up for the advantage you have...

... you can forget it ain't over 'till it's, in fact please do.

And you can also forget about PR Lotion... but we won't.  In fact, some of us like Rusty are so nice we purchase it for our friends... which is exactly what he did when he stopped by today for a new pair of bibs.

Sometimes I wonder if we sell more Amp PR Lotion than anybody else?  I should ask those guys sometimes.  I wouldn't normally think that, but people like Rusty keep coming back for more... and picking up some for their friends.


162.2 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7.75 hours sleep



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