Is your sale sucking your essence?

Seems like everybody has something on sale this Memorial Weekend, and it’s got me wondering.

Are we putting things on sale because business is slow or because the particular product wasn’t a seller… in other words are we blowing out the crap, are we discounting our brand equity, is the sale sucking the sexy from our essence?

What would be a better way to reward our customers without using the word or concept of On Sale?

Would an email directly to our most rabid fans with this flavor be more effective…

Subject: We like you!

Hi SuperRabidFan, we know you love our gear because you buy a lot of it and we think you deserve X% off this Memorial weekend.

Here’s the new and cool stuff, and below are some things we need to move out for even more of the new and cool… the X% applies to your entire purchase – new and old.

 Thanks for being awesome!