A WEEK AGO WE WERE GOING FOR A CERTAIN, GUARANTEED VICTORY.  Then, we weren't.  Someone hit the brakes, hard!

But, I think we are in a better race now. Maybe you can help?

Nationwide we have health professionals that need a mask to wear over the limited supply N95 masks, which must be changed after each patient visit.

Our factory, as of last night, can only make essential products.

We need to get the word our to the health professionals that we have answered Governor Cuomo's call to supply reusable fabric masks...

... which will help keep our people working.

Getting the word out, that's how we win twice.

THIS IS A FLEECE MASK, which is what Gov Cuomo called for, today, 3/20/2020.

Fleece masks have been shown to be on par with surgical masks for virus protection - 75%.  The N95 mask is rated at 95%.

The CDC recommends changing the N95 mask after each patient is seen.  With the current shortage of masks, medical personal are keeping the N95 on and changing a reusable mask like this between each patient visit.

Our fleece masks should be washed between patient visits and can safely be washed with chlorine.

Here is information from Oxford Academic

Of course, we can make them custom with your company logo.

Please forward to any medical professionals you believe are in need of these masks first.  

Our current capacity is 200/day.

May all our races end in victory.


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