ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR, I used to ride to San Diego and take the train home.  It was 80 miles down, 20 miles home.  A nice century, and an easy pace.  An all day adventure, sunrise to sunset.

The amazing thing about that ride was not the ride itself, though it is splendid.

It was the fitness I'd have the following week.

L.S.D. - long, slow distance - can be just the thing for S.F.R. - short, fast riding.

In fact, I don't think it's ever failed me.

And, it's always fun.

So, with my diabolical plan hatched for next week's riding with predicted sunshine, I dropped some L.S.D. on today's ride.

I'd tell ya right now what my plan is, but I gotta make sure the weather is gonna be a willing partner.

Speaking of willing partners, I'm stoked that PEDALposse member B.L. is going to share his app with us some upcoming challenges... with prizes, too!

If ya haven't checked out the PEDALposse yet, there's no time like Easter to give yourself a treat.

Here's the link: 



165.6 lbs 
20 pullups
7 hours sleep


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