I REMEMBER CHRISTMAS 1990.  Surfergirl presented me a Merlin Titanium Bikes catalog... with 10 crisp Benjamins inside.  Twoooo Wuv.

I never got that bike... yes, I would have been part of the cool kids.

Instead, I plunked it down on a pure sprint machine.  A cherry red aluminum Cannondale.  Integrated shifting in the brake levers - imagine that, no more reaching for the downtube shifter midsprint!

Harsh ride.


Raced that bike all up and down the coast the next 2 years.  The pinnacle of my crit career.

I rode aluminum for a long time... then carbon... and I'm back on an aluminum sprinter at the moment.

Not as harsh.

Very aero.


But, I'm starting to dream of Ti again. 

The Moots YBB concept has always intrigued me.  First, as a Leadville rig.  It's very simple.  No linkage.  Limited travel, using Ti's properties with just a spring up at the seat tube.

They are now offering an even more limited travel version on their gravel bike and I'm giving it some serious thought.

For most graveling, suspension isn't really needed.  But, we tend to go a little cray-cray around here... poaching a fair amount of single track and plenty of rough terrain.  And, I'm thinking some suspension would be pretty slick.

The YBB frame with the Lauf fork could be just the ticket for my inner gravel goon.

It's only money?... nah, it's a helluvalotta fun!

Some wonder if the PEDALposse is worth the money...

... well, all I can tell you is riders keep joining... some for the savings, some for the training, some for the monthly surprise... check it out:


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