IF YOUR NAME IS JEFF AND YOU COME FOR A VISIT WE COULD DO A KILLER GRAVEL RIDE.  Like today, where we pounded a bunch of bird beaks... and heard the sadvoice yelp for help.

Do you have to be named Jeff?... no, but it's definitely trending. 

Does it have to be a grave ride?... no, but why not?

... But, T.O.D. you live in a surf town, with lots of pavement and bike lanes, and ripping single track how can you have good gravel too?...

I know.  It's a heavy burden.  But, it's all true.  We have a lot of good gravel adventuring around here... and 2 out of 2 Jeffs highly recommend it.

If you've got the guts, I'll take you on an epic like today - link below.

But, beware the bird beaks!...

... these nasty things can create all sorts of havoc - torn tires, cracked rims, burped air pressure - but, generally they're easy to avoid.

What is a bird beak?

It's a rock buried in our hard as cement clay dirt with 1-3 inches sticking up.  They'd don't give at all when you hit 'em, just a giant shockwave up through your extremities and out the vents in your helmet or your mouth in the form of Ouweeeee!

Chris, The Wrench, joined us... it's always good to bring the chief mechanic along.  But, how could a man of his skills could be so hilariously unlucky?

There we were, 4 hours into our ride.  We'd covered 50ish miles and just under 5000' of vert.  Oh, and it was nearly 100 degrees. 

Even though we'd stopped for the traditional Mexican popsicles and Coke... It's possible we were slightly fatigued.

I mean, that'd be normal right?

Anyway, we'd just cleared a section of bird beaks and were winding our way through a thicket when the clay turned to sand. 

I made it.

Jeff made it.

Chris... Chris?... Chris... you okay?

Note, it's rarely a good sign when you think you heard a crash, you call out for your pal, and you hear nada.

Chris... ya alright?


I have to imagine at that moment The Wrench is thinking something like this...

Howtheheck'd I get here?
How'm I gonna explain it?
Is anything broken?
Are ants crawling all over me??????!!!!!!!

I'm not even guessing on that last part.  

These things are generally very funny when nothing is terribly amiss.  But, you tell me... ever seen anything like this?


He's landed in such away that the bike was wedged in the branches and pinning him down... on top of a very busy ant colony!

Of course, you wondering... will he ever walk again?... and that's a big hellyeah! many a customer had their twowheeled lovers serviced by him today.

A big phew on that!

I meet a lot of great people out riding or bond to them through riding.  Jeff and I met way back in college, but really bonded later over bikes.  Chris and I met after he joined the PEDALposse and moved to town.

Do you have to join the PEDALposse to do any of the above?

No, but you should...

... and if you haven't clicked the link lately, I think we're better at explaining what it's all about.



164.2 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hours sleep

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