THERE'S A LEGEND AROUND HERE ABOUT THE GREAT D.M... how great?  Well, when John Tomac would come and visit DM would thrash him on the bike... really take him to the shed.  Yeah, that great.

DM, the story goes, had demons... he was once so far off the front of a local MTB race, that he startled the course marshal high up on the mountain.  The marshal didn't think racers would be there for at least another 15 minutes,.. but out in the middle of nowhere he hears a voice coming at him...

You think that hurts?  That's nothing!  Nothing, I tell ya... Quit whining you baby!  That's ain't pain... you're not even trying...

Now that's an enemy, self-conjured or not, pushing DM... getting every ounce of energy out of him.

The great JO once explained how he goes all out from the start of an MTB race... he pictures in his mind that the competitors are trying to get his family and therefore he must crush them... and so he does.

I've been known to line up at the start and just pick someone to hate on... then tell myself some ridiculous story to get fired up!... and if they're not in the hunt, I have no problem training my lens on the next sonofagun.

So, yeah, love your enemies... 

... especially the nice once that smile as they rip your legs off.

Which reminds me of Coach Loran, and how she laughs during the workouts she knows are killing us...

... looking for someone to hate because they make you feel weak?  Look no further than Coach Loran... her workouts are part of the PEDALposse subscription.




165.4 lbs 
Stretch and Roll
7.15 hours sleep