I’ve Been SSAved

When the interwebs say rain tomorrow, I still set my alarm just in case.  5AM today came easy, fell asleep early to Silver Streak.  Horizontal, I checked Weather.com.  Cloudy?  Drops falling heavy banged through my cracked window.  Today I’d need the AssSaver.

Barefoot in PJ’s, the very heavy mist sprayed me and the cold, black asphalt below.

No TMWC today.

I read more Scott Adams, hilariously entertained and inspired.

Daylight came.

Still very wet.

Almost dug out the trainer from under the camping chairs.  Just couldn’t bring myself to ride indoors, gave it a loathing look is all.

Rest or Ride?


Geared up with the usual:  kit, arm and knee warmers, wind/water resistant race jacket, new Deflect gloves, and the AssSaver.

Is there anything worse than water spraying up from your rear wheel, onto your rear, seeping into your chamois, and super-soaking your special purpose?  Let me just say, the AssSaver works as advertised.

12 miles and 2000′ of vert later, I rolled into the garage.  Shoes, wet.  Jacket, wet.  Warmers, wet.  Beanie, wet.  Bait and tackle, dry.

I got my AssSaver as part of my winnings at the Santa Barbara road race.  When they said I got an AssSaver I thought it was some sort of chamois cream…

…it’s a racy name to remember.