I Thought About It

Steven thinks I’m nuts.  He’s the only one that sees the hours I’m putting in right now.  From 6ish when my feet hit the floor ’till 9ish when I’m a little coocoo it’s all work.  And those are the times I think about not taking a spin.  Like today.

Up at 6.  Emails.  8, meet with Tyler on all the volunteer positions to fill as well as the “big rocks” that we are finalizing – guessing how many delicious meals we need on the 18th aint easy. 12, get to office makin’ calls ‘n emails ‘n such.

… funny aside:  speaking with the Sheriff’s dept and the CHP I feel like a teenager getting pulled over.  They’re all on board with HUNKR, just keeping them up to date…

Leave office around 7.  Costco for my veggies, nuts and fruits… ’cause ya are what ya eat.  Crank out more “day” job work.

Viola it’s heading towards 10.

At 5:30 with the sun setting it was tempting to keep at it.  Young Todd, who ballooned up to 195 lbs woulda done that, The Old Diesel knows a break in the action is the winning pace to make it ALL happen.