I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST READ, one of our most inspiring regulars is wimping out because…




First off, you are a seriously accomplished badass on the bike.  You race in all kinds of conditions.  Doesn’t it make sense to subject your flesh to a little harshness as part of the prep?

Second, it wasn’t even cold today.  I think you just rolled out with Indian Summer on your mind and forgot to check the Weather Channel app for Trabuco Canyon – the coldest part of our ride.  Isn’t it fun to bust out the warmers and vests and jackets we so rarely wear?

Third, we are rising with the sun this time of year – with the eastern horizon brightening and lightening our day.  Isn’t it the best?

Fourth, in a couple of weeks the time changes and we get an hour of sun back to warm us on the start.

Fifth, don’t the few cold days make the warm days so much better?

Sixth, the change in whether is how we now we’re alive at all.  Isn’t it great to come in chilled and jump in a hot shower?

Seventh, we’re all going to be there all through the winter encouraging each other – so many others will back down the miles, drop the intensity and wonder if their scale is lying to them come Spring.  Don’t you need us to stay super-motivated?

Eight, if it’s the cold this week, what’s next?  Too hot?  Too steep?  Too, too, too?

Ninth, what about the legions that follow you on social media who you inspire daily… what will they think? do?

Tenth, you know we’re gonna heckle you… right?