I’m Married To T-Rex

surfergirl… but I don’t wanna be a T-Rex, which can happen to a cyclist that neglects the upper body.

I love being outside, so hitting the gym has never worked for me.

Here’s what’s workin’ these days:

Surfing, I prefer traditional surfing… but my lady has shown me stand up paddle surfing can be fun too.

The pull up bar in my bathroom door jam gets yanked on most every day… I can only do 8 in a row, used to be able to do 15 : (

Couple a times a week, I jam through my combination of push ups, pull ups, light hand weights (15lbs, don’t mock me), and core work.

It ain’t much, but it’s enough to keep me strong for gnarly MTB trails and able to surf and most importantly help Susie unload the dish washer (not often enough).

Speaking of my T-Rex, it’s because of her love for red meat (and I mean quivering red).

That’s a good thing, as it turns out I need a lot of protein in my anti-T-Rex diet.


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