I’m All About That Coat, Winter Coat

The trophy wife doesn’t dig the lame mustache I sport for Movember.  I do, and I’m all about grooming it through Jan 1. This year it’s a hideous chinstache.  But, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do… like grow – well try – a chinstache and let the legs get hairy too.

The general idea is that these will serve as reminders that it’s the “off season” for cycling, that I should dial back the riding, shed some .lbs… the chinstache in the mirror, the hairy legs when I kit up.

Fortunately, I guess, the TW has been spending a lot time taking care of her mother in Utah… sparing me complaints about how much more awful it is to make out.

Unfortunately, the new Speed bibs we released this year with the I-Feel-Naked-Technology leg gripper do not cling so well to the ugly, hairy diesel motors.


Look at that edge, so clean and crisp.  The band itself is wide and provides excellent compression.  On me, and this lucky mannequin, the band doesn’t move at all when I’m clean-shaven.  And after a year of abuse, it’s holding form perfectly.

Here’s a super-biased link to the entire Speed Kit.  Yes, I am aware the graphics aren’t for everybody… but, they show how we print on every panel and how awesome we are at lining everything up correctly.

The pad on these bibs is amazing… I had a sponsored rider come up to me yesterday long-faced about his new sponsor’s bibs – “it’s like riding in your underwear, it’s horrible”.

Chuck Barry just gonged me.


Anyway, the TW is coming home Wednesday.  I’ll be clean shaven…

…so my bibs stay put! ;)


PS In case you aren’t clear on why bibs matter: Save A Life