I Just Wanna Weeeeeen

Humiliated, crushed and tossed aside Nacho Libre declares “I just wanna weeeeen!

Me too.




Mounting a ridiculous moto on a quixotic quest for greatness in the wrestling ring and true love, Nacho leaves the sanctuary of the monastery. Self-imposed, self-driven, lonely and pitiful.

The drive.

Like Nacho, we cyclists eventually realize “sometimes when you are a man you wear stretchy pants.”

The proper tools.

Looking back on a minor win, Nacho bursts “remember when I ripped my blouse and attacked?”.  Sidekick and partner Esteven checks back “and then he knocked you out”.

The honest celebrations.

Wistfully singing about his true love, Incarnacion, Nacho realizes he has reincarnated himself and is ready to weeeeeen.

The revelation that we are ready.