I'VE FOUND THE TOP RACERS CAN BE DIVIDED INTO 2 TYPES OF PEOPLE.  Friendly and, uh, Notfriendly.  Fortunately for me, I have met a lot of friendlies.  And, they make all the difference in my life.

This week has been typical of the kinds of help I receive.

Steve took time out his day to help us build out the new office/shop.

Paul saw the sorry state of our lighting and sent his crew over to light us up proper.  Haveco Electric is awesome!

John leant his back to help us move the heavy stuff around.

Scott answered my text today...

I hurt myself.  Could be bad.

Come at 530.

So here I am in the front office of my favorite Physical Therapist, Scott Moncrief - ProSport PT.  Haven't been here since flipping off my 450 at 40 miles an hour.  

I can barely walk.  Something is extremely jacked in my calf area.  

It was tender yesterday, not sure why.  Felt better this morning...

... so of course what could be better than a gravel ride?

Probably nothing... until I did this little jump at speed.

Then, it hurt like helk.

Barely made it home.

All the thoughts... will I ever ride again?  will I be able to have children? will my family be okay?... all silly, I hope.

What do I think caused it?  I've been struggling to adjust to a new pedal/cleat set up on my road bike.  The calf has been bugging me for twoish weeks.  Like an idiot, I did not listen... did some research this afternoon and the cleat is probably too far forward.

I lay upside down on the table I know all too well.

Scott starts at my heel and works his way up towards the back of my knee.  



He gets to the place where Achilles tendon attaches to the two calf muscles.

It hurts.

He starts over.



Ok, good news.  It's not your Achilles.  You've strained the Somecrazyanatomyterm. That's where 90% of lower leg injuries occur.

I'm supremely relieved.

He hooks me up to his tech, a cold wrap with electricity pulsing through... leaves me here to write.

The prescription:

Ride easy.  Do not get out of the saddle.

Stretch often.  Ice often.  Do not go for a 5 mile walk on the sand.

Rest... I think I needed that anyway.

I've made the best friends through this sport.

While I'm sitting here my GP Doc Gephhardt comes in.  His practice is across the way.  He rides and even owns our TMWC jersey, but has yet to join us.  He's still my friend : )

One thing a lot of my friends in common is they are part of the PEDALposse... and it ain't just 'cause we're friends.

Check it out -> https://pedalindustries.com/pages/join-the-pedalposse

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162.4 lbs
PullUps and PushUps
8 hours sleep 


You know it's an honor to be on Scott's wall, and you know you musta done something ya shouldn't have to get there.

The tech!