I FINALLY DROVE TO SEE THE GUY who I paid in January for a new bike.  He wasn’t returning my calls or my emails.  So I drove 4 hours to pay him a visit.  You won’t believe what I found.

Your bike I hope.

Yes, the bike was ready.

How is it?

That’s not why I’m calling… but, it’s amazing.


Okay, this guy is a genius.  He’s designed all kinds of custom parts.  He owns hundreds of thousands of dollars of special machinery for carbon, titanium and steel building. But, he’s doing it all.  Designing, manufacturing, assembling, emailing, calling, ordering, testing, traveling, sweeping the floors…

He needs a business manager.

I know.  Imagine me doing braces, molds, consultations, answering phones, ordering, sweeping the floors…

Let me guess, you want to buy in?


Okay, let me tell you a little story about my buddy Marv.

Marv and I used to ride Whiting Ranch every week, along with Roger.  One day Marv shows up with an Intense.  I’d already spotted the brand in Mountain Bike Action.  Jeff Steber was the creator-designer-engineer, and the bikes mirrored Jeff’s super cool vibe.  Soon, I was ripping on a tie-dye Intense of my own.  I think Roger even got one.  Anyway, Marv liked the bikes so much he sold his big electronics company and bought into Jeff’s baby company.  I think they’d sold about 15 frames up to that point.

Together, Marv and Jeff built Intense into an International brand.  20ish years later, they sold the company and retired.

You want to do that?

Yeah, I think so… how do we do it?

Let’s call Marv.