I DON'T ALWAYS GO TO THE GYM, but when I do I prefer the home gym.

My gym workout takes 20-30 minutes, depending on how much time I want to spend.

It's pretty simple, and pays dividends.

How do I know?... well, I don't.. except I was voted Mr. Universe just before waking up this morning.

Note: never take workout advice from cyclist, no matter how sincere.

Other than my daily pull ups and push ups, 2-3 times a week I use the equipment above + my pull up bar and my stairs.

I do curls and shoulder presses on the Bosu ball.

Squats and lunges with the kettle bell.

Bent row with the 52.5 lb dumbbell.

Burpees with the 15pounders... but not just any burpee, I do a row on each side then shoulder press when I stand.

Some leg opening and closing with the Pilates ring.

Throw in some core work.

Plus the stairs... I do a number of sets, jumping 3 at a time... to get to the pull up bar and start all over again.

I've tried going to the gym... and I always end up quitting.  This, this I've been able to be consistent with... it's quick and convenient.

With all the scientific training I don't have, based on hearsay and whatnot, I can tell you this... it doesn't suck to feel stronger.


Strong like bull?


Strong enough to wear hi-viz pink socks that ship for free and are made right here in the United States of American by Americans who love what they do and are damn proud of their work when they go home at the end of the day?

That strong?

Heck yeah!



163.8 lbs
6.5 hours sleep (not enough)
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