COUPLA DAYS BACK CRAIG DROPPED BY THE SHOP TO WORK ON SOME CUSTOM KITS, at the same time Matt was hustling in to change before our ride.  Me thought, then me said...

You two cats should meet each other, one of ya's builds fancy houses and one ya sells fancy fire places fur fancy houses.  Matt, meet Craig... he's new in town.

And right before my eyes I saw the smooth, confidence Matt displays on the bike in action doing his day thing.

Rather than be PeppyPete asking How many fire places da ya need? 

He asks Who do you use now?

So and So

Oh, yeah those guys are pretty good, they're located way up in LA right?

That is a masterclass in not being desperate. 

Desperation stinks.  It's like skunkstench... and ya just want it off a ya and gone.

PeppyPete races, too.

He's that guy jumping all over the place.  Chasing ever attack, leg stretch, and false twitch. 

PeppyPete is impatient... and while peppy at the start, always finishes as...


MasterfulMatt on the other hand, is very, very tough to beat... on the bike, and at work...

... just like how he slyly transitioned to Well, if you're looking for a local guy I do about 90% of the biz down here...

... he whips me about 90% of the time.

If you're got a little PeppyPoopyPete in ya, find your local MasterfulMatt and just watch him go to work... and ladies don't let the names fool ya, there are plenty of PeppyPoopyPenelopes and MasterfulMarcias as well.

Things MasterfulMattandMarcia do:

  • Eat from the 4 Magical Food Groups
  • Workout off the bike
  • Use proper recovery tools and techniques

All things we focus on in the PEDALposse.



165.4 lbs 
Pullups Pushups Stretch Roll
8 hours sleep