HOW CAN I EXPLAIN THIS WEEK'S PERFORMANCE... and no, it was not a case of premature acceleration - get your mind out of the sprint.  HOT LAPS WDNSDY were truly some hot laps.  The problem is... 

... I can't confirm nor deny what made it seem effortless.

But, that's the problem with being an Ol' Diesel... or any kind of Ol'...  ya never, ever know when you're going to relapse into being young.  

Let me list the few things I can put my sweaty glove on:

  • 8 1/2 hours of sleep the night before
  • Put on a few pounds
  • Dropped my tire pressure - running 17 and 18, front and rear
  • Cooler temp

It's not the PR Lotion or the lightening quick BMC 4stroke nor the new KASK Valegro helmet with lots of vents

... those are constants going back months...

... there is one more thing, and I think this could be it.

I've increased my training volume the last three weeks, putting into practice the transformative training post.  According to Starva, my fitness is tip top.  Higher than I've ever seen...

... these aren't hours of extra stupidhard efforts...

... just a lot more Zone 2.

Unfortunately, because I don't believe in science and training with a power meter, I just have to guess at these things.  I go with my gut, and my slightly bigger gut (bullet point 2) says...

... it's the volume, the increased training volume and decreased air in my tires.

Now for an easy rest of the week.



Speaking of easy...

... this digital pressure checker makes accurate tire pressure super easy.

Which is important when going from mostly accurate floor pump to kinda accurate floor pump.

This is a winner.

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167 lbs
Paddle Surf
7.7 hrs