I OVERHEARD A CONVERSATION WITH THE WINNER OF A RECENT EPIC RACE.  To my surprise, he gave away the secret to his transformation from contender to winner...

... it was very specific.

It was also very simple.  And, that's the problem with this type of revelation.  It's so simple most of us won't do it, preferring instead to look beyond or search elsewhere.

I started training 30 hours a week, and it's been transformative.

Whether or not we have the time, stamina or commitment to do 30 hours a week on the bike is not the question.

The question is...

... what can we do today?

And, it probably starts with what am I going to give up...

... to accomplish X?

Like giving up a few minutes of TV time to have a clean and pristine drivetrain.

These are the lubes we love, use and trust.

Personally, I always use the Wend Wax.  For most riders, Chris recommends T-9.



163.4 lbs
Stretch and Hypervolt
8 hrs