I LOVE MY FRIEND Kevi.  I was shocked to see him in December.  Shocked, I tell ya.  Here was a man who once weighed a scant 155... tbh, I didn't even recognize him when he rolled up to me... in fact, I cleared the area for fear he'd take me out like a lone bowling pin.

But this is what I love about him... he has more determination and will power than any person I've ever met.

He ordered a few kits... after squeezing into an XXL top and XL bottom, and I mean like hold your breath squeezing.

Then he started getting these dern emails from me.

Bought some PR Lotion.

Started riding hard again.

Noticed my weight... he knew I was 20 pounds heavier when he lived 'round here.

Got inspired.

Read about my passion for graveling.

Set a financial goal to merit a new bike.

Ordered Large kits a couple of weeks ago... down about 50 pounds.

Got the new gravel bike... giggled like a kid.

Shot me a message today... Can we change to Medium kits?

Did I feel bad pointing out his huge potential energy?  Nope.  I love him... want him to be around a long time.  We've got a lot riding to do.

And now that he's joined the PEDALposse, I can't wait till he starts seeing the benefits of Coach Loran's workouts...

... just hope he doesn't giggle when he drops me next time he's in town.


I'm not going to promise you the same results as Kevin... I don't know if you have that far to go, or if you have that kind of drive and determination... but, I will promise you a proper butt kickin' by Coach Loran... the kinda thing that will have you feeling S-T-R-O-N-G on and off the bike.



Production is back up and running, most custom orders placed prior to 4/1 will ship week of 5/18, custom orders placed in April will ship towards the end of the month, custom orders placed now will ship in approximately 4 weeks from art approval.


166.4 lbs
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