AS THE KING OF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING,  I hereby proclaim all KOM’s set today, the 24th day of October 2017, in SoCal to be null and void.  Whatever little KOM you think you scored this day of powerful Santa Ana winds is worthless.

The Strava overlords are in complete agreement.

So congratulations.

You got nothing.


No kudos.

All comments on your rides, praising your amazing talent, will be erased.


Because I’m a mean, bitter, turd of a king.  When I see my times shattered… times I poured all my blood (all of it!), sweat (gallons of it!) and tears (tattoos on my soul)… shattered by “athletes” who simply surfed the wind to their coronation, it makes me see red.

And, when I see red… Strava sees red.

And, when Strava sees red… they erase your false claims to your puffed up crowns.

It’s NOT that I’m just pissy because we failed to score one for Gould.



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