HUNKR Needs Your Help

We need HUNKR race footage for our website.

This Saturday morning (12/17/16 from 10-12), I have a professional photographer and a professional drone pilot scheduled to shoot footage in Santiago Canyon – on the HUNKR race course.

Here’s the plan:

Ride Canyon Velo LONG, so you’re all lathered up for the photos.

The drone pilot will be shooting us from Cook’s Corner (we get there about 9:45am) up Santiago Canyon.

We’ll gather at the traditional re-group, the opening to Mojeska Canyon… say good bye to Canyon Velo and Hello to Scott McClane – our photographer.

If you’re meeting us only for photos, we usually hit Cook’s Corner about 9:45 and the re-group spot about 10.

Here’s our assignments:

  1. Peloton Shots Long lens with leader plus riders tapering off, from the front and 45 angle
  2. Wide angle shots of the group from down low in a corner at speed
  3. Tighter shots of pedals / bottom bracket area to knee and hip showing muscles firing
  4. Panning shots of the group at speed in a straight away
  5. Shots of riders hydrating during the race
  6. Shots of the group drinking water sitting on a grassy area after the race.
  7. Lifestyle shots of the group laughing after the race together

Please allow for 2 hours for the photos – might be less

Still with me… good, here’s what’s in it for you:

Any photos you like from the shoot for personal use.

Lunch at Wahoo’s Foothill Ranch afterwards is covered by HUNKR.

… and a lifetime of appreciation for the help from me.

Please let me know if I can count on you, and Please X 2 pass this along we need a good 30 people for this to look awesome… this is going to be FUN!

Y’all are awesome!

Todd Brown

PS  $10,000 Cash Purse is confirmed for the race on 3/18/17!

PSS  You can work something out with Scott if you want to use photos for your sponsors


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