How we raised over $1000 for local high school MTB scene on a free bike ride

Why did Robert (Robot) and Craig personally cut checks of $323 each for the local high school mtb teams?  Why did David and Patrick kick in $100 each?

About 12 years ago, 4 of us started riding on Tuesday mornings… we jokingly called it the TMWC (Tuesday Morning World Championships).

Fast forward to July 2013, the ride had grown to the point that we jokingly put on a TMWC Invitational Fundraiser.

We created kits.


We created T-shirts.

We blasted on FB and Strava.

50 people showed up! (we used to be thrilled with 8, and we average about 20)

The event was free.  If someone bought a tshirt or jersey or donated on top, that went in the kitty.

In all, we cleared $1,100 for the kids.  Personally, I was stoked… and so were the MTB teams.

But then Robot got the bug and shouted out on email he was matching it.  Craig followed, then Patrick then David.

Cool beans.

I’m already looking forward to next year.