How To Value The Real Estate On Your Cycling Gear

We get asked all the time, “How much should I charge XYZ to be on our team gear?”

This question implies cash, which is always good.

Truth is we all want as much as we can get – sponsors and teams.  So let’s get it.

Anybody asking for sponsorship needs a plan to answer these questions:  how many events will you attend? how many people will be on the team?  how committed and effective you are with Social Media? how likely are you to get press coverage?  what will you use sponsorship for – travel, gear, living expenses?  can you do some guerrilla marketing or sampling at events? etc.

Sponsors need to ask themselves these questions:  what return am I looking for – customers, sales, a measurable metric?  am I doing this just because I love the sport and want to help some people/give back?  can I afford to give cash or is my product industry related and product could be adequate?  does this team represent my company/brand well?

This picture has excellent guidance on the value of each location on your cycling gear – don’t be emotional about this.  Who goes where should be related to the value they are brining to the time. The pic is from a very detailed article posted by Cycling News.  I highly recommend it.

sponsorship value pic