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I ONLY KNOW ONE WAY TO CLEAN MY BIKE, and it goes like this:

1.  Have all afternoon with nothing to do.

2.  Dial up an Essential playlist on i-Tunes.

Today I lost myself in Bob Dylan:  The rushing beat of Hurricane’s rush to judgement, the feeling of a Rolling Stone, the sweetness of Forever Young, the playful Duquesne Whistle, the story of Tangled Up In Blue…

… soulful messages for my soul…

… reminding me of my own rushes to judge, the need to love the unknown,  the dreams I have for my kids, the stories I hear and share…

I gently cleaned the grime and dirt, slowly.  Most easily wiped away.  Simple adjustments were made.

But, I found a flaw.

My bottom bracket was loose, wobbly, not good at all… something I no longer feel confident adjusting on my own.  It’s a real tweaker.  Today’s bikes are complex… which means I have to drive to the shop and be without my bike for while.

Sometimes you need an expert to fix your flaws, mostly though, time and tunes get it done.

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