How Do You Know Your Pricing Is Right?

kevins email

Recently, a very good customer asked me to match a competitor’s ridiculous deal on cycling clothes.

While I appreciate the opportunity, let’s face it these requests can pop your balloon.

Confident in my product and service, I stuck to my price for the simple reason that if I go down that road inevitably it’s the customer who loses.

I can’t deliver 100% of my virtuous love at a slut’s price.

I didn’t expect to receive the email above… but, I did.  It’s the kind of email that make me want to walk over hot coals for my customer.

This is not a compliment to me as much as it is to Kevin, because Kevin is building a successful bike shop in a competitive market by devoloping relationships with his customers.  I’ve seen him in action.

I’m just lucky enough to have great, awesome customers.