Dear Chris,

You’re not alone.  This is a difficult topic to broach, especially with you spouse or partner.  Here is my proven formula for getting the proper bike:

  1. Find a used bike that you can easily afford to throw the money away on.
  2. Ride it and see if actually like riding regularly.
  3. If you do, go see a bike fitter I recommend so your next purchase is the right size.
  4. Now you know you like the cycling lifestyle and you know what size bike to get, what you need to know now is how much is this going to cost?

Whether you buy a beater or a quality bike, it’s going to cost you about $3/day.

If you buy a bike from Walmart for $500, it’s going to last you about 6 months.  180 days X $3 = $500.

Right now, you can get an amazing bicycle that will last you 3 years for about $3000.  1095 days X3 = $3285.

“I don’t ride every day”… well guess what Bucky, seeing that bike there costing you $3/day is gonna get you riding a lot more than you otherwise would.

“$3285 is soooooo much money!”  Compared to what?  First, there’s no fee every time you want to go ride the bike like there is in  golf, or skiing.  Second, you spend more than that at Starbucks every day.

Look, justifying the expense is stupid.  You’re gonna lose on this… even though it’s less than a Starbucks a day.

You gotta flip it.

Let me tell you how you’re going to save:

  1.  You’ll never need a shrink
  2.  You’ll be in excellent health
  3.  You’ll be in a significantly better mood
  4.  … and so on

But the best part is, you’ll have no money or time or energy left over for a mistress.

PS… give me a call and I’ll tell you where to go and who to talk to.