WHEN TOM CHIRPED MY NEW, FANCY OAKLEYS LOOK FAST, I could only blurt back… I don’t know if they are, but I hope they intimidate you into riding slow.

Typical ride banter.

Guys propping each other up, just before delivering a wicked attack.

Here’s what little I know about glasses:

Make sure they fit your head. They don’t get caught up in your helmet’s padding and let buckets of sweat stream down your lens.  This usually happens if the glasses are too big for your head.

The right frames will fit nicely into your helmet when you don’t want to wear them.  This is better than fumbling with them in your pockets because it’s faster and will keep the lens cleaner and dryer.

Get the right lens tint for the riding you’re doing.  The new “polaroid” technologies are amazing for dawn and dusk light.  Oakley has lens for specific terrain, road vs mtb.  A clear lens is great for night in the dark – which I’ll be doing a lot more of this time of year.

I like a tall enough lens to keep the wind out when I’m bombing a hill at high speed.

Brands?  Well, I like Oakley because of the quality and because their roots are OC all the way.  There are lots of options to consider.

Whatever you choose, be sure they make  you look fast… sometimes looking good is all you’ve got.