WITH NUMBERS LIKE THESE AN EARTHLING SHOULD BE FLYING ON A BICYCLE:  6′ 2″, 130 lbs, and his Hematocrit (Hct) level is 58.6.

But, he’s not.

He’s not 25.

He’s 82, and he’s laying in a hospital bed, worn out from a 7 year battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  Because his muscles are constantly moving he can’t keep weight on.  He’s so weak, he can’t swallow on his own.  My heart ached as he struggled and cried when the feeding tube was put in place.  He’s not a lean, mean machine… he’s skin and bones.

His Hct is super high because his bones are over producing red blood cells.  Rather than bounding up hills endlessly, he’s slowly coming to the end.

He’s actually not 6′ 2″ anymore, and I’m not thrilled to be taller than him now.

He’s my dad.

He’ll never ride a bike again,

he may never walk again…

on planet Earth.