Have Lap Top Will Travel

It’s a brave new world, and I’ve been hacking away on it for at least 20 years.  No longer are we tethered to a desk, we are mobile and it’s awesome.

Back then, we’d spend a few summer weeks with the in-laws and I’d have the local Telco re-activate the phone line I’d installed by myself.  The phone was cheap, and long distance almost free… a lot better than wireless at the time.  I could communicate with the team back home, and they could forward my calls.

I was working, and the family was chilling.

Eventually we killed the landlines all together, and lived on our mobile phones.

The internet poked along, getting faster and cheaper.   But the old house, wasn’t wired with Cat 5 cables, so working was a little tougher and less private.

Wireless routers changed the game a lot.  Now I could be in a quite room in the house, while everyone was out playing.

Our work team is spread throughout Southern California, with outposts in Europe and Asia.  All of it mobile, all of it fast, all of it freeing  We’ve never been all together at once.

It’s the end of the day, I’ve ridden my favorite Utah Monday ride, worked a full day and hung out with my family… 800 miles from “home”.

South Fork this morning… the road is repaved, smooth as glass.
View from my “office”.