Have a Plan Dr. Groggy

If you have a plan to roll out early, I mean EARLY, then you’d better have a plan that includes laying everything out the night before.  My plan last night for this morning was flawless… it had to be with a 5:38 roll out.

5:38 gives me exactly 12 minutes to leisurely roll over to the first meet up at 5:50.  5:50, gives exactly 40 minutes to the to the official start of the TMWC.  Any earlier and I go slower, which is nice, or get their early which is not nice at today’s temps.

It was all so perfectly planned.  Made my bottles of Fluid.  Checked Weather.com and laid out the appropriate clothing.  Mounted my already charged lights.  Checked my tires to make sure they were full – I top them off in the morning, just want to make sure I don’t have a flat.

Check, check, check, check, check…

Screeching halt!… my shifter battery was flashing, I’d need to top it off.  No big deal.  Popped it in the charger, when to bed, knowing I’d remember to put it in before I left.

Video above for details.

Who says you can’t teach an old diesel knew tricks?!  Just another box to check.

I have to check all these boxes because I wake up at the last moment and everything has to go perfect to get me to the church on time.