Half-wheelin’… cheap entertainment

Half-wheel Harry is that guy who is constantly half a wheel ahead of you, regardless of the speed.  Most HWH’s are new to the sport and just need a nudge, a loving reminder to take it easy.  Others are chronic HWH’s and no amount of nudging or bludgeoning will cure them.  They make for great, cheap entertainment.

It’s super annoying to ride with CHWH by yourself.  There’s not much to do other than slotting behind him (never seen a female guilty of this), it can be that bad.

It’s endlessly entertaining,,,

…when two CHWH’s find themselves at the front of a double pace-line.

Oh man… sit back and enjoy the ride.  These two dogs are going to half-wheel themselves right down to hell.

Always funny, never gets old, and happening on group rides across the globe.