ONCE UPON A TIME MY  ROOMMATE TALLEY GOT THE BRIGHT IDEA TO HEAD OVER TO THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY,  which was really a school full of kids from everywhere but the US.  The thinking was the foreign ladies would be eager some some actual American boys. Talley was also the roommate who came home with a road bike, and we know where that lead… so why not give it a try?  Plus, he’d worked out a can’t fail pickup line…

Habla-vous the Deutch?!

Dude, it’s Spanish, Habla (to speak); French, vous (you); English, the; and German, Deutch (German language).  You know the ladies will be all over us showing our multi-lingualness.

I cracked up.  It was so dumb, but he was repeating it with such confidence I had to join in. 

Habla-vous the Deutch?

Habla-VOUS the Deutch?

Habla-vous THEEE Deutch?

Our accents were terrible, but our confidence was building… and off we went.  Ah, fools rush in… which brings me to next year’s Tour de France course.

The course is just kooky.

It’s starts a week late because of the World Cup.

It has a super short team time trial.

An early mountain stage could see all the sprinters miss the time cut in the first week.

Lots of lumpy and windy sections.

There’s a monstrous day on the cobble stones of Roubaix.

There’s a Vuelta-like stage the is only 65k, 40 miles… really?  Is it a 50+ amateur road race?

In a nutshell, it’s a makesureChrisFroomedoesn’twin again course.

So who will win?

Peter Sagan, duh.

He’s 27, the prime age for winning stage races.  He looked pretty skinny at the World Championships.  He’s already said he wants to win the Green Jersey, just to throw the dogs off his scent.  He’s won stage races before.  Nobody will be expecting him to go out early on the cobbles and windy and lumpy stages and ambush all the twiggy prima donna climbers… building up a huge lead and clinging onto to it all the way to Paris.

No way you say?

Well, habla-vous the Deutch?