Let me just make a challenge right now… meet someone new the next time you ride.  People are so awesome.  We all working hard to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.  We carve out a little personal time to recharge and regenerate.  Part of that time can be friendship… the pace line is it’s own social club.  Get involved.

Open your mouth, and introduce yourself… it’s weird, I know, but it’s awesome too.

Soon, you’re right into the nitty gritty of bonding and gems like this pop out:

“Daddy, at summer camp the girls told me if I look in a mirror and say Lady MacBeth 3 times she’ll appear with her bloody hands.”  Hahahaha… so Charlie laid down with his little princess.

Priceless, and worth the price of feeling uncomfortable.

“Hi, I’m __________.”

If you’re a real social ninja, you can get really crazy…

“Hey, Paul… do you know Mike?  Mike, meet Paul.”