Green Lights for HUNKR

I was asked today about the light at Ridgeline. “Will we have to stop?”


We have received a permit from the City of Lake Forest to close this intersection during HUNKR – OC. This is one of many permits we’ve had to pull in order to provide an excellent day for the participants.

It’s not magic, it’s hard work and diligence on the part of HUNKR and the public servants who manage the roads trails and parks we’ll be using.

We have a great, big, giant vision of the HUNKR experience that fuels this effort.

Part of that experience and vision is making sure you can travel all 100k without stopping – unless you want to. Barring some sort of public emergency, you’ll be free to go for your personal record.

As we add more HUNKR events we’ll be building a database that will allow you to see how you stack up in your age group and against the fastest of the fast. Because the courses will have different features and be over different terrain – road (like OC), gravel and MTB – we assign differing degrees of difficulty.

You may prefer 100k gravel. You may find your best at 100k MTB. You may stick to road HUNKRs. No matter your preference we intend to provide you scenic open courses to challenge and delight you.

road map