Goals Are For Losers

Scott keeps telling me goals are for losers… Systems man, winners focus on systems.  If your goal is go fast on a bike, that’s sweet… romantic.  Won’t you be cool?  Won’t it feel great?  Fit.  Fast. Svelte.  If you don’t put a system like this in place it’s never, ever gonna happen.

Here’s mine:

Monday – Spin

Tuesday – TMWC group ride – I hate intervals (see Tabata), so it’s hard pulls and suicide attacks for me.

Wednesday – Tempo and play, and lately that’s either Swami’s in the morning or an adventurous MTB ride

Thursday – off is working these days

Friday – easy spin, trying to turn this into a social ride with beginner/out of shape friends.

Saturday – Race or fast group ride or epic MTB.

Sunday – rest

Depending on where the next event is on the calendar I will dial up or dial down the intensity and volume.  Tapering is it’s own system, and how I taper may or may not work for you.

This is very simple and easy to follow.

When I’m really focused I’ll get with my coach… I can only handle about 10 weeks of rigid structure.  It’s worth it to hand off the system to a pro, and my system keeps the baseline high enough for her and me to meld in a win every now and then.

Scott isn’t 100% right, but he gets your attention right?  Moses (I think it was Moses, and I’m not gonna look it up) said, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”  But it was the system of praying for manna every morning that got the people free.

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