GMR – TT For Sure I’ll Beat That Guy

He looks like God, after a full journey on Earth.  Blazing white hair, a smile to warm you.  Yes, he’s pushed the cranks around a few times.  He’s just happy to be here, racing… little did I know behind that smile rests the confidence of a killer.

Herb Johnson is 72, and will rip your legs off.

Sure, I’d scouted a HUNKR course the day before.  Sure, my heart rate monitor decided not to work.  Sure, Carl Neilson started 30 seconds behind me, blew by me in the first 2K, and smoked every other racer on the mountain… racing my 55+ category… sure I hadn’t slept much…

… sure, sure, surely at least I’ll beat that old fossil I saw warming up…

Hahahaha… slayed by Herb!  And he’s so nice and humble you just want to thank him.

There’s nothing like riding your bike and being inspired by your peers and elders and youngers.

(Herb took 2nd in the 55+ and Carl won 55+ beating all ages and putting 8 minutes on me – he beat me at Sea Otter RR too)

There is a King awaiting you at the GMR TT