MY BROTHER RECOMMENDED THE PODCAST BUSINESS WARS.  At the end of the saga between Nike and Addidas the narrator concluded with how much better each company has become because of the other.

The are hardly friendly.

In fact, they're ruthless.

The same kind of ruthless my son Trevor was yesterday playing chess.  I've practiced for a month.  He hasn't looked at a board.  It's tax time, and he's a CPA.

I planned to kill him.  How better to spend his carefully carved out play time?

I was dead in 60 seconds.

That hurt.

But he was such a graceful killer I didn't care.  I could only be proud of his actions and happy for his instincts.  Indeed, I was grateful for his taking time out to teach me a lesson.  

And yes... I look forward to laying waste to him on our next bike ride.

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