Fresh Bottles Rule

Water.  Bottles.  I don’t even put plain water in them.  I’m a get my calories from the bottle kinda guy.  I’d guess racers and riders are split on water or some sort of “sports drink” in their bottlers.  Doesn’t matter.  Most of us still keep our bottles way too long.

Even me.

They don’t cost much, and they are a vital – maybe the most vital – part of our equipment.

Bad bottles: leak, can make you sick, and look mangey.

Good bottles:  keep the fluid inside and your bike clean, deliver pure water/drink to your quenched body, look pro.

A few bucks can make such a difference. Yet, we keep those old bottles long past their expiration date.

I’ve sold thousands and thousands of Specialized water bottles.  Used them almost exclusively.  Then, outta the blue a few years back they decided to cut off their distributors.  Didn’t matter at first because I had a lot of samples in the warehouse.  And, I was busy focussed on our custom kits and other high-ticket items that were more interesting and profitable.

Then I came up with an idea for a really cool image on a bottle – reveal will be soon – and rang up my friends (?) in Morgan Hill.  A new sheriff is in town up there, and we were able to strike a new business relationship.

First batch is in.

There’s nothing like fresh bottles.  Let me know if you need a new batch.