WHAT COULD YOU EXPECT FROM A TEAM OF NORTH AMERICAN COWBOYS?  Not one single person on the 1986 7-11 bicycle racing team had a lick of Tour de France experience.  Not the riders.  Not the directors.  Not the owners...

... and not the bicycle manufacturer, Murray.

But, they weren't even Murrays.

No, what these cowboys were riding into town were custom built frames by soontobe famous Ben Serrotta. Ben got no credit.  Murray, the team sponsor ponied up to be on that frame.

How good were they?  Good enough for Alex Steida to rope the first yellow jersey by any North American.  Yep, and at the peak of Lemond's hayday.  In fact, Lemond would be the first North American to win the Tour de France that same year.

And... I reckon that's a good way to prove the point that it's what's on the inside that counts.

Nobody knew the truth.

Nobody knew how well American criterium racing would pay off for the team.

Nobody knows I'm doing push ups and pull ups tonight.

Nobody knows I'm saying no to Chick-fil-a right now, even though it smells so good and my daughter keeps offering me some of her shake.

Nobody knows...

...  exactly what the PEDALposse is all about except those who check it out.


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