EYE DO DECLARE, THESE NEW OAKLEY’S ARE TRE RAD.   Eye know eye’m late to the party, BST is how I roll.  But, eye’ve finally arrived with the sweetest pair of Jawbreakers.

Why so sweet?

Eye love the massive field of view, way bigger than standard dual-lens set ups.

The full-frame wrap keeps the lens in place and protects my beautiful skin… eve’ve seen a naked lens turn into a slice-o-matic on impact.

Airflow was awesome this morning, no fog build up… plus, plus, plus more of my handsome face was covered and protected from the 34 degree wind eye battled.

Even eye can easily swap out the lenses, which means they’ll stay pristine.

And get this, the stems are adjustable for misshapen heads like mine.

K, best part ->  Eye got the polarized PRIZM lens.  Which means eye can head out early in the dark, cold, lonely morning… ride through a stunning sunrise… into a beautiful California day… with the same pair of glasses.

Wouldn’t call ’em cheap
They’re perfect for
Daybreakers and Rulebreakers


Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10