ONCE UPON A TIME I HUNG OUT WITH DR. DENIS WAITLEY.  By that time, I was already a fan of his audio book the Psychology of Winning.  And, I'd heard him recite his classic poem Someday I'll many times.

But, what really stuck with me was his retelling of the great American skier Bill Johnson, and his gold medal quest... specifically a statement Bill made one month prior to shocking the world. 

Bill was a nobody.  23 year-old punk.  Racing an event no American had ever one, neverever.  But, he qualified for the Olympics and here's what he said...

“I don’t even know why everyone else is here,” he said. “Everyone else can fight for second.”

Denis used that story to demonstrate how the reticular activating system works. 

In his words...

The reticular activating system performs the unique function of filtering incoming sensory stimuli, sight, sound, smell and touch. And determining which ones are going to make an impression in your mind. It decides from moment to moment what information is going to become part of your world.

In our biking words...

We go, where we look.

His conclusion...

Concentrate your attention on where you want to go, not away from where you don’t want to be. Because you’ll always move in the direction of your currently dominate thoughts.

Our biking conclusion...

Look only where we want to go.

Speaking of going places, are you going to ride with the PEDALposse?



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