Episode 8: When To Eat?

Figuring out when to eat on Race Day or Big Ride Day is trial and error… the trial is the fun part, the error… well, it is only a big ride/race so it’s not gonna be catastrophic… could hugely foul up your plans.  Take today for instance.

Today had all kinds of miscues.

Normally, I try and gag down my beans and ‘dines (a substantial meal) 2-3 hours before the action.

Today, I made a drop at the airport at 7 which left me 20ish minutes to get home get changed and get out the door for 8am departure from home to Canyon Velo.  We left at 6:15, which meant gagging at 6am.  No problem.  I’m a veteran.

The problem occurred when I installed my charged UI2 battery and all systems were DEAD – I could spin a nasty yarn about this but there’s no need to share my wo’s.

No need to hustle, just text the fella’s “I’m out”.

This gave me time to read “How To Fail At Almost Everything And Still Win Big” by Dilbert’s creator – hilarious and good.  Took my time prepping Black Beauty for some sweet single track on San Juan Trail.

Started riding at 10ish.

4 hours is too long.  I was hungry.  Thought I could make it up with my Fluid, but was behind on calories all day. Strava says 1600 calories were burned.  That left me weak.

The ride was still awesome… it was San Juan, after a rain… super clear… not too crowded, not too wet.

Fortunately, I had a Fluid recovery mix ready to drink… if you aren’t drinking a recover drink after a ride, you are blowing it… recovery fuel makes the next ride a lot better, and if you bonk and don’t replenish quickly you can put yourself in a hole for weeks.

Speaking of eating, that Rottweiler freaked me out!

And still speaking of eating, telling the story of HUNKR is the next project I’ve got to eat… and FAST!

IMG_2105_____ 170.6