Episode 2 – Swami’s LONG

Got into iMovie today.  It’s not too hard to figure out, but I would like to take a class to speed up the learnin’.

A few notes:

Yes, I eat 1/2 a can of organic black beans and a full can of sardines before big rides… also my go to breakfast – easy, fast, tons of protein and fat to power The Old Diesel.  Buy ’em both at Costco.

FLUID is my favorite drink.  Found it a Whiskey 50 last year.  Been drinking ever since – seems to be super even energy and easy on my tummy. Hard to find at shops still… buy online, or at events.

Mike’s rack on the back of Matt’s new truck (which is also awesome) is the 1UP… best rack out there, just saving my pennies to get one for myself.  It’s light, bikes never touch each other, and modular.

Shot all this on my iphone 6+.  Had to rotate some of the views – which is easy to do in imovie.  Did a little cropping and inserting.  Goofed up the kitchen scene and shot portrait vs landscape – Bryan says always shoot landscape.

The worst part of Episode 2 was getting camer(man) shy.  I should have shot the big group for a bit before it went super nova through Elfin Forest.  And the stop at Valley Center Market, which is always entertaining.  The post ride machismo at the trucks should never be skipped.

To really use the iphone, you can’t wear warm winter gloves… gonna have to start riding no gloves.

Check out the ride on Strava and ReLive (ReLive is free and cool)

Monday, I’m trying out the GoPro.  Bought the Chesty from Rock N Road on sale for $20.  Boom!  San Juan Trail here I come.

More notes from Bryan on Numero Uno – you can find him herenotes from bryan

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